Smart Shopping: How to Shop Online Safely and Effectively


Instagram doesn’t really offer a better retail solution than Pinterest but it does offer better visibility. At this point, the only platform that could compete with Instagram over eCommerce is Snapchat – and even then, that’d be tenuous.

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Search engines like Google make it easier than ever for people to find the information they’re looking for, any time of the day or night. Many of these searches are for products and services that people are interested in using. Before the internet, consumers had to go to the store, ask questions, and trust the word of the salesperson they were talking to in order to make a purchasing decision. Now that consumers can go online to ask questions and find answers they can trust, they have more power when it comes to making smart purchasing decisions. Businesses can utilize search engine optimization practices to create high-quality websites that are more likely to show up in online search results. From ecommerce platforms to online marketplaces to social media channels, there is no shortage of websites to sell products online.

Klarna is a Swedish group which offers a credit payment method for small-scale purchases (you can use it online with retailers like ASOS and Topshop). A recent Financial Times article described it as one of a few “lenders who are rewriting the language of debt for the Instagram era”. But online returns hit deeper, and unfortunately for brands, they’re also more common. But when it comes to the digital shopping brethren, returns rates rocket to a surprising 15 – 40% of online purchases depending on the industry.

Set up secure payments and customize checkout.

Spending releases neurotransmitters — dopamine — in the brain that make us feel happy and please our reward centers. “But the problem is, if I have my phone in my pocket, I’m much more likely to spend money,” said Lindstrom. Nowadays, we tend to take every “unproductive” moment and fill it up with stimuli so that we’re never bored. According to Lindstrom, technology like this means means we’re 7 to 10 percent more likely to buy than we were in the past. After all, people care about the treatment they get and the dreams they buy.

Significance and Potential of a Well-developed E-commerce Website for Online Shopping

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How to Choose What to Sell On Your Ecommerce Website


Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) is a quickly growing option for retailers. If you have a physical storefront, BOPIS is a potentially valuable alternative that can make life easier for your customers.

Grocery stores play slow pop music because that makes patrons shop longer, resulting in more sales. Fast food chains, on the other hand, stimulate a higher turnover of tables by playing upbeat tunes. Much like the scented letters people used to send back in more romantic times.