How to get into voice acting Voice over Guide


But even now, they’re actually doing producers speed dating, virtually–which has been awesome,” says Lambrix. It may seem obvious but having some type of foundational knowledge of acting makes a huge difference when making the transition to narration. “Narration is an acting gig. You’re embodying different characters, you’re telling stories. So, it’s really important to be able to do that,” Lambrix stresses. To maintain engagement, it’s wise to keep your voice-over video on the shorter side.

Why use a voice-over video for learning

Learn how to make your voice sound better as well as microphone fundamentals. This is especially vital if you’ll be starting your own voice over business.

Getting Started as an Audiobook Narrator

Because of this, he’s the go-to narrator for many high-profile sci-fi and thriller releases throughout the year. Develop great relationships with your authors, publishers, and producers in that genre and really dive right in,” says Lambrix. Of course like every other format, this also has its challenges.

To provide even deeper and hands-on insight, we’ve enlisted the help of Audible Studios’s very own Kat Lambrix, who dives into everything you need to know about being an audiobook narrator. You’ll also get some welcome guidance for long-term career planning and resource suggestions, all from one of the foremost experts on the subject. A screencast video is a type of voice-over video that’s quickly gaining ground. These videos are created using screencasting software that records your screen while also recording sounds.

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Careers in voice-over often allow people to work at home. If you don’t see your voice over career as a voice over business, and yourself as an entrepreneur, then you’re not thinking sustainably, or long-term. Your voice over business is your main tool to create a successful vocal brand that your audience and clients can not only relate to but also easily identify. So when you’re learning how to become a voice actor you also need to learn how to start and manage your voice over business.